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Washoe Douglas Analytics is a nimble accounting and business consultancy firm overseen by Geoffrey Lawrence. Lawrence has been chief financial officer of multiple startup and growth-stage companies as well as larger VC-backed and publicly traded companies. He has experience helping entrepreneurs set up ERP systems, preparing their books for audit, and taking them public or helping them sell to a public company. Capital planning, cash-flow forecasting, KPI development, dashboard management, team development, and merger and acquisition planning are additional areas in which Washoe Douglas Analytics can help your small or medium-size business plan for success. Lawrence was formerly senior appointee to the State of Nevada Controller’s Office where he oversaw the state’s financial reporting and external audit functions, covering around $10 billion in annual transactions.

Geoffrey Lawrence

Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

You’ll find we do things differently to other accounting firms. You won’t see a lot of overpriced artwork in our foyer and you won’t see us swanning around in expensive suits; we don’t even wear ties! You’re more likely to find us with our sleeves rolled up helping clients make the most of their business opportunities.

We know that anything that has to deal with finances can be very overwhelming and this is why we are here. We want to lift that burden off your shoulders and carry it for you.