What We do

Accounting and Audit Preparation

Washoe Douglas Analytics can help you prepare and maintain your financial records in a fully GAAP-compliant manner while training your team to follow proper protocols to ensure the adequacy of internal control. If you need to produce maintain audited financial statements for your investors or prospective investors, Washoe Douglas Analytics can act as your agent to prepare for and manage the external audit on your behalf.

Business Advisory

Are you looking to expand into new markets or verticals? Do you need help visualizing key performance indicators to more seamlessly manage your business? Are you evaluating prospective mergers, acquisitions, or exploring a sale of your company? Washoe Douglas Analytics can help! We have experience in capital planning, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions (on both the buy and sell sides), and taking companies public. Whatever your plans for growth, we can help!

Enterprise Resource Planning

Are you a small manufacturing company or reseller that needs to better understand your cost structure? Do you need to more closely align production schedules with demand and minimize the working capital needed for inventory? Washoe Douglas Analytics can help! We’ve helped multiple small manufacturers implement ERP systems appropriate to their size and scale so they can more efficiently manage operations.


The accounting and finance needs of cannabis companies are highly particular. You need sophisticated financial management and production planning, but also need to ensure full compliance with state and local regulations, unique tax laws, and seed-to-sale tracking. Hurdles to banking and insurance services can hamper your growth if you don’t know how to manage them. We can help! Washoe Douglas Analytics has extensive experience in this sector. Whether you are a cultivator, manufacturer, distributor or retailer, Washoe Douglas Analytics can help drive your company to the next level! Our team has not only operated successfully in some of the most challenging cannabis markets, it has also engineered successful exits, funding rounds and go-public events for cannabis companies.